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NIRINA – beginning of the 2014

We noticed that we have many new members here and there were a lot of inquiries how we work. I’ll try to shed light on this and hope you can follow me. The shelter has been existing for approximately 14 years, 12 of which it was under a very poor management for whom other things were more important than the welfare of the dogs. We visited the shelter and we could not bear to watch what was going on so we decided to take it over ourselves. It’s no easy task at all and requires a lot of time, patience , courage and sacrifice. We took over the shelter with 700 dogs without a lot of help and have been struggling every day for 2 years to make it as beautiful as possible and to bring as many dogs as possible to their new homes. Our shelter is located on an old landfill. The land belongs to the community and we have a contract with them. The contract says that we can use the property to take care of the dogs as long as we give shelter to the dogs from the streets which are cought and castrated by the community and then brought to us every month. Furthermore we get 1100 euros every month to pay the four workers and to have 100 euros for fuel. We get water supplied by the fire department because we have no running water on the mountain and no electricity. Thanks to the donors we have 2 tanks and a generator which helps us to do the work that is not possible without electricity. However, for the generator we need fuel which is not cheap. From the community we have now and then a buget for the vet we cannot select. But what shall we do, any help is welcome and giving up would only hurt the dogs. We feed the dogs every day thanks to the virtual adoption project, thus with donations. Everything else that happens here depends only on donations. Without the donors we would drown with the dogs. Here in Tuzla you cannot get much money from donors as the people themselves do not live well and therefore cannot think of dogs. Next to all the donations you also need a lot of helping hands. Those are missing here very often, too. We are 4 girls who have to work besides our work for the shelter – with family and private life. Often, everything is lacking but it must go on and on. In addition to the whole organization such as getting food and rice, bring dogs to the vet, set up projects, prepare shipments, clean up the shelter and more … We also have 3 facebook groups in 3 languages that have to be served every day. Without these groups the dogs would have no chance. A lot of time we also spend on the photos that we present to you as often as possible. With 500 dogs that jump on you with muddy wet paws it is not so easy, you have to believe me, and the people who have already been here can witness that. And one thing you should also consider: you are about 4000 people alltogether and we are just 4. So, please do not be sad if we are not always so fast and give answer immediately. I hope I have explained everything as good as possible. If you have any questions please just ask. We will do our best to bring the shelter life closer to you all as much as possible.

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