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A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to imagine the life I am living today. Dog shelter has not even crossed my mind back then. Being a volunteer gives my life a meaning. I have always been helping stray animals but being a full time volunteer was not on my mind. During my first visit to a dog shelter in Tuzla, I saw a lot of dogs just lying in the snow, watching us and asking themselves who are those people that came to visit them and if they would ever come back again… and most of them never did.

I wasn’t the one to cry that day, no. I enjoyed their company, their touch, their gentle and curious little eyes and, despite those sad circumstances, their positive energy. It was incredible!

Because of that, I visited them again, and again, and again, and I never stopped, there is no stopping now. I am addicted to them! They have a big part of my soul, it is not so small anymore, does not belong to me only anymore, my soul is now big and successful. It is very encouraging to know that, thanks to us, thousands of people all over the world know about this shelter and its dogs and care about them. The most important of all is that they are working on providing food, vet care, better life conditions and even real adoptions in homes full of love for our babies. My heart was broken a million times. My soul was hurting with every single lost little life of my fur friends, and unfortunately a lot of them have left this world, but the ones that are still here are giving me the strength to keep on moving. Whenever I feel like I had enough and that I’m breaking down, I sit in the car, drive myself to the shelter and they give me the strength back with their presence. I love my fur friends. I love every moment spent with them and every memory we share. Being a part of their life was my choice, but staying in their life is essential. We brought the changes and WE ARE THE CHANGE.

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