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Many times I was tempted, whether to stay in this fight or not. One moment you’re happy, and then the very next one your whole world is falling apart. But then I remember all those little souls that have trust in us and give us so much love, and I realize they are worth having your heart broken into pieces and putting it back together every time.
I heard about dog shelter in Tuzla for the first time about a year ago and immediately I joined the people dedicated in helping them. I will never forget my first visit there. I was horrified. I wasn’t expecting to see so many forgotten souls in one place. That’s when I noticed Lola and her puppies and gave her a promise to visit her again. I continued visiting the shelter with groups of people, but every time there was and less of us. The enthusiasm from the beginning was gone for most of them- but not for me. I had no intentions of giving up, even though we went through difficult situations and problems to carry out our beliefs. As a volunteer, my motto is: ‘’ Responsibility of every person is to give back to this world at least as much as they got from it. “. I got a lot and I’m just trying to show my gratitude through my love and respect for animals and nature. Every step we make, we grow and advance and get strength and hope to keep fighting for a better future. We will keep on doing, with courage, on behalf of our dear friends.

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